Book now as spaces are very limited. Test booking service is provided for everyone at the standard DVSA price with no extra charges. You won’t need to worry about booking a test as we do it for you and test are available for all our customers after you commence your lessons. The current situation is only 50,000 test are made available each week by the DVSA which go in minutes and the waiting list is more than 1 million people waiting to book. 

Manual and Automatic driving lessons in Wembley from your local DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

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Why choose Wembley Driver Training


Wembley Driver Training is your local driving school in Wembley and is run by your local Approved Driving Instructor, Vin Patel. We offer all types of driver training from the regular driving lessons in Wembley and the surrounding areas, post test training and even Driving Instructor Training if you want to become a driving instructor.  You will learn with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).   

 We offer both automatic and manual lessons and also FREE theory test training using the best theory product in the market.


I will teach you to a high standard that will help you develop into a good and safe driver for life.  You will be trained to a standard so that you will be fully confident in the run up to your practical driving test and also after you pass, so you are safe and comfortable driving on your own.

I can also give advice on anything you may want to know like purchasing a car, insurance and anything driving related in the UK. This advice is free to all our customers.  
All my lessons are conducted using the latest modern technology and training methods with the best Ipad apps, incar CCTV so we can play back any part of your lesson to help with your learning. (This also helps to safeguard you and keep you safe).
You will never find other pupils in the car who you need to drop off, the entire lesson is your time and every lesson will be fully planned and a driver record completed so you can track your progress.


You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old.

You can start driving a car when you’re 17.

If you have an international drivers licence then you can drive in the UK for 12 months. After that you must take the theory and practical test to continue driving in the UK.  You can apply for a provisional licence after 6 months of residency in the UK.


You must have a provisional driving licence to book your theory test.

There are 2 parts to the test:

multiple-choice questions

hazard perception - a video test about spotting hazards on the road

You book and take them as a single test. You must pass both parts to pass the test.


You can book your driving test when you’ve passed your theory test.

You don’t need to pass another theory test if you’re upgrading an automatic car licence to a manual licence.

To pass the driving test you must be able to:

Drive safely in different road and traffic conditions and
show that you know The Highway Code by the way you drive.

The national standard for driving cars, tells you everything that you must be able to do to pass the test. Only take your test when you can do everything without instruction.

DRIVING LESSONS (See our prices)

The amount of lessons needed varies on previous experience. You will be trained to the national driving standard which will enable you to be a competent and safe driver and also prepared for your driving test so you have the best possible chance to pass on your first attempt. 73% pass on the first attempt, this is compared to a 23% national average. This is achieved by quality structured and documented driving lessons and the use of a matrix scoring system to get you to a standard in a faster than average rate. Our pupils take 7 hours less then the national average to pass their test.

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Wembley Driver Training


74% of our pupils pass their test on the first attempt. 

You will take less lessons and be trained to the same standard which means you will most likely save money. As they say "pay cheap pay twice". 

I know all the test areas and you will be prepared to deal with some of the more tricky parts before your test. 


All my customers will receive free access to the best online theory test programme. It will cover all the modules and has a very high success rate that 80% of its users pass their theory 


I will book your test for you.  This has it's advantages as i can swap any of my pupils tests around which will cut waiting times to book a test. The current waiting time is 26 weeks. 


Driving lessons in Wembley 

Driving lessons in Wembley Park

Driving lessons in North Wembley

Driving lessons in Sudbury Hill

Driving lessons in Sudbury Town

Driving lessons in Sudbury Court

Driving lessons in Northwick Park

Driving lessons in Harrow on the Hill

I can also pick you up at any train station in this area if you don't live in the area.

You will be picked up and dropped off at your selected address including test day.

Most of my test are at Pinner or Greenford test centres,  I can of course cover others as well.

AREAS NOT COVERED - Perivale, Alperton, Stonebridge Park, Brent Park, Neasdon, Kingsbury, Kenton, Harrow Weald, North and South Harrow. You can always meet at a convenient location in my coverage area.